iTop Add a new field (Owner) to Configuration Item

Here we are creating a custom module to add an additional field which is of object type contact  to the FunctionalCI Class which is the parent class of all functional CIs in iTop.
You can either use to create an empty module and update the contents of the modules files generated or create those files manually. The custom module should be placed in the extensions folder of the iTop installation. The web server should have read permission on these files.

Adding the custom field to the base class (FunctionalCI) (datamodel.sum-ci-addfields.xml)

Updating the <presentation> </presentation> block to disaplay the custom field for the corresponding CI (datamodel.sum-ci-addfields.xml)

Updating dictionary file (en.dict.sum-ci-addfields.php)

Content of module.sum-ci-addfields.php

Change permission for config-itop.php for the update

Invoke http://itoplink/setup for updating the new field

Select the custom module for installation

Custom Owner field in the Network Device Class


My full datamodel.sum-ci-addfields.xml file


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