Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 11 Installation on Ubuntu from Source

Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 11 Installation on Ubuntu 19.04 from Source

The Greenbone Security Assistant is a web application that connects to the OpenVAS Manager and OpenVAS Administrator to provide for a full-featured user interface for vulnerability management.

Step – 1 : Pre-requisites

Step 2 : Create gvm user

Step 3 : Download Source Files

Step 4: Unpacking the sources

Step 5: gvm-libs installation

Step 6: config and build openvas-smb

Step 7 : config and build scanner

Step 8 : Redis configuration

Please do the steps as root user ( sudo su root)

Step 9 : updating path

Modify sudoers file with visudo

Type visudo and modify

Step 10:  Update nvt and upload plugins in redis with openvas

Login as gvm Update nvt

Step 11: gvmd configuration

Step 12 : PostgreSQL configuration

Exit from gvm and run as a sudo enabled user

Step 13 : Fix certs and update feeds and create admin user

Step 14: Update IANA Service names

gsa installation

Step 15 : Setting up virtual environment and ospd installation

Virtual Environment



Step 16: Creating startup scripts

sudo su root

Step 17 : Create a new scanner

The default host for default scanner is not in /opt/gvm/var/run/ but with  /var/… So we have to create a new scanner by defining scanner-host to  /opt/gvm/var/run/ospd.sock

Verify the scanner

Type netstat -nltpu to verify port 443 is listening for connetions

And Finally point your browser to https://yourip to get GSA login screen

Login screen

The dashboard

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