Endpoint Security and Endpoint Management

TANIUM CORE (Endpoint Security and Endpoint Management )

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 The platform for manageability and security

The best endpoint solution in the market today and gives you visibility in less than 15 seconds.

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Detection fails, because teams are overburdened with alerts they can’t triage quickly or efficiently.

Investigation is incomplete, because incident responders can’t get accurate or timely data across every endpoint.

Remediation is flawed, because what you miss in investigation doesn’t get fixed – and tools aren’t able to execute changes swiftly and at scale.

Enforcement of ongoing IT security is difficult, because Security and IT teams operate in silos and legacy tools are unreliable.

Tanium is the only platform that bridges all of these gaps and creates a continuous closed-loop endpoint security process.

  • 15-second visibility allows teams to focus on the alerts that matter for effective threat detection
  • Complete and accurate data over every endpoint in seconds – both current and historical – ensures incidents are thoroughly investigated and fully scoped.
  • 15-second control at scale provides confidence that remediation is successful, complete and fast every time.
  • Shared visibility across Security and IT teams, along with tools that work at scale, breaks down the barriers to enforce good security hygiene across the enterprise

Tanium platform for manageability and security and provides

  • Cyber Hygiene,
  • Detection & Response,
  • IT Asset Visibility
  • IT Operation Management.

It provides lightning-fast ability to see everything and do anything across computer networks – with unparalleled scale.

A deep understanding of the people, processes, and technologies required to keep our most precious data secure.

Tanium Aligns to the NIST Framework

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

Both static and dynamic real-time data pertaining to the endpoint, including:

  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Software configuration
  • Local or domain user details
  • Installed application or services, startup programs, and running processes
  • Existence of registry keys and their values
  • WMI data elements
  • File system details, including identification of files by hash or contents
  • Event log results
  • Network configuration settings and state
  • Transform Management and Security “Tanium is a single point of control to manage and secure your enterprise.
  • The Tanium platform without formal programming or scripting knowledge.
  • The Tanium natural language parse accepts your submission and evaluate the query and makes necessary changes in format or syntaxes.


  • Get Computer Name and CPU by Process from all machines
  • Get Computer Name and CPU by Process from machines with Operation System contain “Windows”
  • Get Computer Name and Operating System and Uptime from all machines