BMW ビーエムダブリュー 3シーズングローブ グローブ EnduroGuard サイズ: 7-7 1/2 -タイヤチェーン

竹村製作所 不凍水抜栓 MT 本体のみ50mm 0.3m MT-50030GP ※GPシモク付
【送料込】【設置代無料】 ローチェスト Alka アルカ 80 | 国産 4段 収納 タンス たんす 便利 オシャレ 無垢 北欧風 木 高級感 3段スライドレール 温かみ リビング 寝室 木製 シンプル 送料無料
5個セット☆ 小鉢 ☆ 金華 サイドボウル [ D-13.7 H-11.6cm C-955cc ] 【 料亭 旅館 和食器 カフェ 飲食店 業務用 自宅用 こげ茶 】
10個セット 松花堂 たたき角鉢 [11.5 x 11.5 x 3.7cm] | 角鉢 ボウル ボール 鉢 スクエア 食器 業務用 飲食店 カフェ うつわ 器 おしゃれ かわいい お洒落 可愛い ギフト プレゼント 引き出物 内祝い 結婚祝い 誕生日 贈り物 贈答品 人気 おすすめ
【運搬作業用品-台車】金象印 しずキャリーNS-150 金網付L
BMW ビーエムダブリュー 3シーズングローブ グローブ EnduroGuard サイズ: 7-7 1/2 -タイヤチェーン
3個セット 刺身 菊型十草刺身鉢 [14.3 x 5cm] | 白 ホワイト 和食器 刺身 鉢 ボウル 料亭 ホテル 食器 業務用 飲食店 カフェ うつわ 器 おしゃれ かわいい ギフト プレゼント 内祝い 誕生日 贈り物 贈答品 おすすめ
: 三栄水栓 SANEI 手洗器 品番:HW1023 呼び:023 商品番号:HW1023-023三栄水栓 SANEI K87101JV シングルワンホールスプレー混合栓 K87101JV-13

BMW ビーエムダブリュー 3シーズングローブ グローブ EnduroGuard サイズ: 7-7 1/2 -タイヤチェーン

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Type of glove:Touring gloves
Fit:Normal product size
Season:Trans-seasonal article
Safety features:Material doubled at fingers,Materieal doubled at edge of hand,Safety seams
Reinforcements / padding:Finger,Knuckle,Palm
Fastening / width adjustment:Velcro flap
Delivery contents:1 Pair

サイズ: 7-7 1/2

BMW EnduroGuard 2-in-1 Motorcycle Gloves Unisex (Black)
Unusual materials characterise the new EnduroGuard 2-in-1 gloves. Here again the well-proven Gore 2-in-1 technology is applied. Since the original material of the EnduroGuard suit is used, the two BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment 2017 highlights can be perfectly combined. The EnduroGuard 2-in-1 glove is geared towards enduro motorcycling, so it is lighter, shorter and softer than a touring glove.
It has nonetheless been possible to add a wide range of unique safety and comfort features. One of these is the dual-chamber technology, which previously proved its worth in the Two in One glove: the rider can choose between the waterproof chamber PROOF or the GRIP chamber, depending on the weather. Coloured blue for simple orientation, the PROOF chamber is used for rain and is made of GORE-TEX membrane with a light, thermally insulated pique jersey lining. Meanwhile the yellow GRIP chamber is made of ultra-thin, highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather for excellent tactile feedback and a crease-free fit - one glove, two functions.
The safety features of the EnduroGuard 2-in-1 glove include a spectacular new protective fabric developed by BMW Motorsport partner Schoeller Textil. Being especially sensitive in the event of a fall, the knuckle and ball of the thumb are coated with ceraspace - a special ceramic that is incredibly robust and extremely temperature-resistant. The coating points are interspersed with free textile sections so as to retain the flexibility of the material.
The premium EnduroGuard 2-in-1 glove meets the very highest standards when it comes to other details, too: the back of the hand is made of a material mixture consisting of soft cowhide leather and the highly abrasion-resistant material Dynatec, developed by BMW itself in collaboration with Schoeller. The robust knuckle shell and the top of the fingers and hand are underlaid with impact-absorbing foam.
Special seams and stretch zones ensure excellent wear comfort and the glove doesn’t even have to be taken off to use a touchscreen - the index finger and thumb tip are designed specifically for this purpose. The rubber wiper lip on the left index finger makes for a clear view in the rain, while the reflective material on the outside of the glove enhances visibility.
Enduro glove with two-chamber technology; switch between chambers depending on the weather
PROOF upper chamber is windproof, waterproof and breathable thanks to a GORE-TEX® membrane and Gore 2in1 technology, and has a light, insulating Pikee jersey lining
GRIP lower chamber is made of abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather (approx. 0.7 mm thick), unlined and perforated for optimum grip
Upper hand material is a mix of soft cowhide and schoeller®-dynatec
Highly abrasion-resistant ceraspace protection technology on knuckle shell and on the ball of the hand
Two layers of leather at the edge of the hand
Plastic hard-shell knuckle protector with impact- absorbing foam padding
Lightweight foam on backs of fingers and hand
Touchscreen-sensitive index finger and thumb
Rubber wiper lip on left index finger
Medium-length cuff with hook-and-loop fastener for adjustment at wrist
Reflective material on the outside of glove
Special seams at fingers and palm, no pressure points
prEN 13594 certification

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BMW ビーエムダブリュー 3シーズングローブ グローブ EnduroGuard サイズ: 7-7 1/2 -タイヤチェーン

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